Review of C. K. Prahalad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

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The effect of demographic developments is expanding and our natural assets should be utilized more shrewdly. Our social orders face security challenges which are developing in scale. And again, rising expectations for everyday comforts open markets for new items and services and their developing capacities open doors for collaboration. Technological Innovation gives effective chances to create technological innovative product and services, helps in development and capacity building in India and developing countries. We have to grasp these opportunities, expand on our qualities and act quickly and conclusively to assemble our future, improve the welfare of our nationals and secure the intensity of our organizations. This paper briefly discusses the challenges and opportunities for innovation in India. it also discuss the technological reform in India and barriers that pose the challenges for innovation in India and then gives a brief account of initiatives that have been taken by Govt. of India to promote innovativeness. In the last section makes certain suggestions for using innovation as tool for growth and sustenance in today's turbulent times
We survey perspectives on the economic differences between countries and argue that economic freedom is the key to prosperity. We close by outlining the policy implications. Specifically, removing obstacles to the exercise of economic freedom is an important step towards prosperity. Copyright (c) 2010 The Authors. Journal compilation (c) Institute of Economic Affairs 2010. Published by Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
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