Access to SAP's Business Framework from Java‐based applications

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As the leading vendor of enterprise business standard software, SAP has recognized the need to adapt their R/3 system to current trends in software development and to meet market needs for speed of development, flexibility, openness, and interoperability. In this paper, we first present SAP's approach to object-oriented and component-based technology by describing the Business Framework, the concepts of Business Objects, BAPIs, and the Business Object Repository. On this basis, we then analyze current communication architectures and products enabling the interaction of external Java- based software applications with SAP R/3, point out the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions, and finally elaborate on potential strategies and steps for driving the evolution of SAP R/3 in order to further increase interoperability, openness, and flexibility. Copyright © 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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: As a result of the focusing on changing business requirements and the increasing popularity of object technologies for software and business engineering, the term "business object" has become a catchword. In this paper the most important denotations of the term "business object" are examined. It is shown how different authors and organizations understand business objects. Special emphasis is laid on the concept of business objects as proposed by the Object Management Group (OMG). The OMG Business Object Domain Task Force (BODTF) is currently making a great effort to drive forward the standardization process for Common Business Objects and a Business Object Facility. This paper describes what is being standardized and elaborates on the importance of striving for such standards. Key words: business objects, business object facility, object technology, distributed information systems, business engineering 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1 Introduction In the field of software engineering the obje...
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