A study of certain analgetic‐antipyretic compounds

Department of Pharmacology, Research Center, Pitman-Moore Co., Indianapolis, Ind.
Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association 05/2006; 49(5):298 - 301. DOI: 10.1002/jps.3030490511


Two new compounds, α-phenyl-α-(2-piperidino-ethyl)-β-ethyl-butyric acid nitrile and 1 – phenyl −2,3 – dimethyl −4 – (phenylmethyl – morpholino) – methyl – pyrazolone-(5), have been studied by various procedures. These compounds showed no analgetic activity by a thermal method in mice, weak analgetic activity as indicated by blockade of irritant-induced writhing in mice, good antipyretic activity in rats, and no antigranulomatous activity in rats.

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