Kyste de Gartner communiquant avec la vessie et le vagin, associé à un diaphragme vaginal complet

Journal de Radiologie (Impact Factor: 0.57). 02/2005; 86(2):170-172. DOI: 10.1016/S0221-0363(05)81339-3


Gartner's duct cyst is a relatively common benign cystic lesion and represents embryologic remnants of Wolffian ducts. These cysts are usually small and asymptomatic and have been reported to occur in as many as 1% of all women. We report a case of a 30 month old baby presenting with recurrent urinary tract infection and Gartner's duct cyst communicating with the vagina and bladder with associated complete vaginal diaphragm. The diagnosis of Gartner's duct cyst was suggested by pelvic ultrasonography and MR imaging. Vaginal diaphragm and communication between the Gartner's cyst, the bladder and vagina were established during cystoscopy and vaginoscopy.

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