Petroleum Industries: Environmental Pollution Effects, Management and Treatment Methods

International Journal of Separation for Environmental Sciences 07/2012; 1(1).


With the rise of an environmental protection movement, the petroleum industry has placed greater emphasis on minimizing environmental impact of its operations. Improved environmental protection requires better education and training of industry personnel. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information available on the environmental impact of petroleum operations and on ways to minimize that impact; however, this information is scattered among thousands of books, reports and papers, making it difficult for industry personnel to obtain specific information on controlling the environmental effects of particular operations. This paper assembles a substantial portion of this information into a single reference. This paper has been organized and written for a target audience having little or no training in the environmental issues facing the petroleum industry. This paper covers the various aspects of drilling and production and impacts related to them. Discussion is also emphasis on the toxic materials transport, plan and manage activities that minimize potential environmental impacts. The treatment of drilling and production wastes to reduce their toxicity and/or volume before disposal.