A New SoC Test Scheduling Algorithm using Random Insertion


This paper presents a new SoC (System-on-Chip) test scheduling algorithm. Reducing the test application time is an important issue for a core-based SoC test. In this paper, each core is represented by a rectangle whose height is equal to the TAM width and width is equal to the test time. 'One-element-exchange' algorithm is used for optimizing the test time of each core, and 'RAIN' algorithm is used for optimizing the test time of a SoC. The RAIN algorithm uses a sequence pair data structure to represent the placement of rectangles, and obtains the optimized results by inserting into the random position of sequence pair sequence. The results of the experiments conducted on ITC '02 SoC benchmarks show that the proposed algorithm gives the shortest test application time than earlier researches for most of the cases.

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