Closure Alternatives for Municipal Waste Landfills. Study Case: Municipal Waste Landfill Medias, Sibiu County



In the recent decades, the environmental impact produced by municipal solid wastes has received special attention. All new EU countries are involved in the process of implementation of the European Council Directive 31/99/EC on the landfill of waste in the European Union. As consequence National legislation, adapted to fit the EU requirements, focuses on integrated waste management and environmental control of municipal solid waste landfills, from start-up to closure and assimilation into the environment. In Romania, by Government decision, HG 349/2005, was established the obligatoriness of closing unconform waste landfills located in urban areas starting at July 2009. As consequence the owner of municipal waste landfill Medias started the proceedings of closure for the landfill. The aim of this study is to compare, from an environmental point of view, different alternatives for the closure of the municipal solid waste landfill Somard-Medias (Romania).

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