Emergent Universe from Noncommutative Spacetime

Journal- Korean Physical Society (Impact Factor: 0.42). 10/2010; 57(3):578-581. DOI: 10.3938/jkps.57.578


The Big Bang, which was the birth of our Universe, happened at the Planck epoch. It was not an event that developed in a pre-existing space-time. Rather, it was a cosmological event simultaneously generating space-time as well as all other matter fields. Therefore, in order to describe the origin of our Universe, it is necessary to have a background-independent theory for quantum gravity in which no space-time structure is a priori assumed, but is defined from the theory. The emergent gravity based on noncommutative gauge theory provides such a background-independent formulation of quantum gravity, and the emergent space-time leads to a novel picture of the dynamical origin of space-time. We address some issues about the origin of our Universe and discuss the implications to cosmology of the emergent gravity.

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    ABSTRACT: We recapitulate the scheme of emergent gravity to highlight how a background independent quantum gravity can be defined by quantizing spacetime itself.
    Full-text · Article · Oct 2011 · Journal of Physics Conference Series
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    ABSTRACT: In the model of holographic dark energy, there is a notorious problem of circular reasoning between the introduction of future event horizon and the accelerating expansion of the universe. We examine the problem after dividing into two parts, the causality problem of the equation of motion and the circular logic on the use of the future event horizon. We specify and isolate the root of the problem from causal equation of motion as a boundary condition, which can be determined from the initial data of the universe. We show that there is no violation of causality if it is defined appropriately and the circular logic problem can be reduced to an initial value problem.
    No preview · Article · Aug 2012 · EPL (Europhysics Letters)