Answer from the Podocarpus lambertii and Podocarpus sellowii–(Podocarpaceae) seeds to desiccation

Ciencia Florestal (Impact Factor: 0.22). 07/2008; 18(3):347-352.


Studies related to seeds development of forest species allow the material obtainment of good physiological and essential quality in silvicultural system considering these species. The objective of this work was to evaluate the behavior of seeds of Podocarpus lambertii Klotzsch ex Endl. and Podocarpus sellowii Klotzsch ex Endl., regarding the dehydration sensitivity. Seeds desiccation was made in dry kiln with forced ventilation and heated air at 35°C. Seeds of Podocarpus lambertii, with 28,7% of humidity and Podocarpus sellowii with 45,5% of humidity (control), after desiccation, resulted the next contents: 21,7%; 14,3%; 7,0% and 5,7% to Podocarpus lambertii; and 36,9%; 36,0%; 34,0% and 26,8% to Podocarpus sellowii. Physiologic quality of seeds was evaluated by germination test and IVG. For tolerance to desiccation, it could be concluded that: seeds of Podocarpus lambertii have behavior of orthodox seed, with critical degree of humidity under 5,7% of water, and Podocarpus sellowii seeds showed recalcitrant behavior with critical humidity level around 26,8%.

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