Analysis and Design of Cruciform Waveguide Junction with a Conducting Diaphragm and a Dielectric Layer in the Main Arm

Telecommunications Department, Georgian Technical University, 0175, Tbilisi, Georgia
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 01/2011; 29(29):139-155. DOI: 10.2528/PIERB11021605


This paper proposes a rigorous theory of the H-plane four-port (cruciform) waveguide junction with a conducting diaphragm and a dielectric layer in the main (input) waveguide arm. This theory is based on the mode matching method in conjunction with Fourier transform technique and including the edge conditions in vicinity of the diaphragm edges. The numerical analysis of the cruciform waveguide junction is done, and optimal parameters of inclusions are predicted based on the minima of voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) in the main arm.