Acceptance of 3D Visualizations Methods for Learning and Training in the Area of Electrical Engineering

Article (PDF Available) · January 2007with27 Reads
In this paper the acceptance of computer based training in the area of electrical engineering using three-dimensional visualization methods is presented. At the Otto-von-Guericke-University's Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Magdeburg, Germany, virtual representation of a fuel cell, wind turbine and power switch by means of virtual reality modeling language (VRML) have been developed and implemented in the learning system RegEn. The RegEn special learning scenarios (modules) can be performed as a demonstration or as an interactive three dimensional (3D) training. The RegEn is in use since 2004. Last year twenty-eight students from different nationalities and between the ages 23 and 73 participated in a pilot study concerning the acceptance of this technology in the power system teaching. The questionnaire covers issues regarding digital presentation, clarity, handling and relevance of the learning scenarios (modules) used, to evaluate the acceptance. The specific procedure and technologies with regard to the design, development, support and acceptance of RegEn from the students will be presented in this paper.