Intracranial Lipoma in Medulla Oblongata

Surgical Neurology - SURG NEUROL 01/1991; 36(5).
Intracranial lipomas are rare, and most of these tumors are found in the region of the corpus callosum, followed by cerebellopontine angle. We present a case of a intracranial lipoma in 30-year-old man. Brain computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance images (MRI) showed a mass in the medulla oblongata extending to foramen magnum. The histopathologically, diagnosis of lipoma was confirmed. Although there were several cases of cervical intraspinal lipoma extending into posterior cranial fossa, there have been no previous reports of a lipoma arising from the medulla oblongata that extended into the foramen magnum. We describe a rare case of intradural subpial lipoma in the medulla oblongata with a review of the literature.


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