Ontology Evolution Management for Semantic Web Services Cooperation

Ecole Nationale Supérieur d'Informatique et d'Analyse des Système Mohammed V-Souissi University, Morocco
International Journal of Electronic Business Management 01/2011; 9:310-321.


Interconnecting services is a complex task. A part of the complexity comes from the need to have a common, shared view of the information, ontology. Thus, there is a need for approaches that help to overcome the differences between service ontologies, and to manage the possible future evolution of the ontologies. The approach proposed in this paper provides a support for cooperation between services. Our proposition is useful for service architectures that evolve and grow in size constantly. The number of services increases and even services are changing to offer new alternatives. The aim is to provide a flexible way to partially automate the processing of ontology and related mapping evolution management. A case study in Telecom service cooperation illustrates the benefits of our approach. We apply our algorithm and implementation prototype p 2 OEManager to Message Billing Service ontology and Internet Billing Service ontology and particularly, we use our ontology agent model and prototype to manage some significant changes in these ontologies.

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