Eruption delay in a 47 XXY male: A case report

ArticleinEuropean Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 13(2):159-60 · June 2012with5 Reads
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    The 47,XXY syndrome, or Klinefelter syndrome, though it is a rare occurrence, it is the most common sex choromosome disorder affecting male subjects. This syndrome is underdiagnosed and seldomly before puberty. In this case, diagnosis was made before birth, through chorion villus sampling.

    Case report:
    A 16 month-old Italian male with 47 XXY syndrome showed the absence of primary teeth, with a delay of about 8-10 months, whereas during the first 15 months of life the auxological development has been normal both in weight and height (about 50th percentile). We assumed that this delay may be linked with Klinefelter syndrome, as sexual chromosomes play an important role in the dental development.