Étude Qualitative De L’impact De La Gestion De La Diversité Culturelle Sur L’Avantage Compétitif Des Entreprises

Journal of Global Business Administration 10/2009; 1(1):38-54.


Cultural Diversity management is an important issue in labour market and become a challenge for firms in search of their competitive advantage.In the face of this reality, efforts to understand the impact of of cultural diversity manageement on competittive advantage of firms can contribute to better understanding of the fruits of cultural diversity on firm performances. In this article, we tried to find out this relation between cultural diversity management and competitive advantage through the "Content analysis' methods with the help of NVIVO 8 software. We tried to find out the explaining factors of the impact of cultural diversity management on competitive advantage of firms. Results of our research showed that An pro-active cultural diversity management contribute to the competitive advantage of the firm.

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    ABSTRACT: Internet, par sa nature globale, apporte de nouvelles opportunités de recherche et d'affaires dans des contextes multiculturels. Or, une situation exolingue accroît le risque d’imprécision ou de confusion linguistiques. Les auteurs de cet article présentent une synthèse des méthodes utilisées pour traduire et valider les textes. Ils proposent une approche pour traduire et valider des textes et des questionnaires de recherche tout en assurant la validité d'équivalence des versions linguistiques. La méthode proposée pourra être aussi utilisée dans un contexte d’affaires. The global nature of Internet brings new research and business opportunities in multicultural contexts. However, an exolingual setting increases the risk of inaccuracy or linguistic confusion. The authors review methods used to translate and validate texts and questionnaires to another language. They propose a methodology to translate and validate multiple linguistic versions of research questionnaires while ensuring their equivalence validity. The proposed methodology is applicable to a business setting as well. Note: Downloadable document is in French.
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    ABSTRACT: Globalization, offshore outsourcing, global value chain and global division of labor have led today’s Business firms to internationalize their activities, therefore, cultural diversity become an important issue in managing the contemporary worldwide workplaces. In fact, it has become a necessity for managers to take this challenge by fully utilizing the potential capabilities of multi-cultural workforce in order to achieve organizational effectiveness. To address this situation, we attempted to understand the impact of cross-cultural diversity management on organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage in an organization. A content analysis method has been used in this article to explain the impactof cultural diversity management in order to accelerate firms’ competitiveness. The outcome of our research indicates a significant and positive correlation of an effective cultural diversity management practices on competitive advantages and organizational effectiveness.
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