Designing Synergy of Emotional Dynamics for Agency

Conference Paper · January 2010with2 Reads

Conference: International Conference on Intelligence and Information Technology


    As interactive structure in human mind the emotions contribute to the adaptive learning, rational decision making and communication proficiency. According to the psychological scheme of human mind, emotions have temporal dynamics and activate concurrently due to the variance of environmental stimuli. Their shared or diverse effects can be expressed and communicated to the environment as affective exposition of human mind. The role of emotions in the nature of agency has been identified and partially addressed. But in multi-agent scenarios (MAS) to conduct intelligent interactions with reasoning and prioritizing capabilities, agents are required to be facilitated with the mechanism of interactive emotional dynamics. Inspired from neuropsychology, and by considering the function of emotions in the establishment of agency this paper attempts to analyze and design the synergy of emotional dynamics that addresses the cooperation and competition in emotions due to the change in their determining parameters to achieve autonomy.