La relevancia del concepto ‘sistema regional de innovación’ para la formulación de la política de innovación

EKONOMIAZ 01/2012; 70(01):150-169.
Source: RePEc


The concept of regional innovation systems is being consolidated in the economic development and innovation context both in the academic world and in the innovation promotion and support of state policies. As it happens with the innovation systems approach in general, the use of the concept has gone beyond its initial analytical purpose, and its use has been generalized in order to inspire the policies creation. The present paper identifies a number of risks related to the use of the term ‘regional innovation system’ as a normative concept and suggests the hypothesis that a better understanding of the role played by the regions in the policies creation and application may be translated into a more careful and clarified use of such concept.

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Available from: Elvira Uyarra, Apr 18, 2014
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