Mobile Phones as Secure Gateways for Message-Based Ubiquitous Communication

Chapter · July 2007with1 Read
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-72354-7_15


    For ubiquitous communication self-organising adhoc networks become more and more important. We consider mobile phones as an
    appropriate trusted gateway for external machines with low communication needs. A message-based approach is best in such a
    scenario with moving mobile phones and machines. We propose a security model for access control to the communication infrastructure
    that is also message-based. To meet the requirements of ubiquitous communicating machines, all algorithms on the sender’s
    side are based on symmetric cryptography resulting in low computation needs. A sophisticated symmetric key infrastructure
    for message authentication provides the necessary key management. The trustworthiness of the mobile phone is achieved by using
    the SIM as a secure storage and computing module. This makes it possible to use the mobile phone not only as a user terminal
    but also as a trusted infrastructure component of the mobile network.