Frequency Response of AC Susceptibility in Melt Textured YBCO Superconductors

ArticleinJournal of Superconductivity 18(2):281-285 · April 2005with17 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/s10948-005-3382-7


    We have reviewed the scaling relations for frequency dependent AC susceptibility proposed by Lee. et al. and other contributions. Based on vortex glass analysis, we derived a scaling equation for the peak temperature of the imaginary part and ac magnetic field frequency f. The peak temperature T
    p is found to obey: T
    p = Cf
    g, where C is a constant, and T
    g is the vortex glass temperature. The scaling relationship was applied to our melt textured YBCO superconductors, which was found in good agreement with the experimental data.