UV Laser Induced Transmission Change of Pure and Doped Silica Glass

Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater Sci Ed (Impact Factor: 0.4). 11/2008; 23(6):879-882. DOI: 10.1007/s11595-007-6879-z


Pure and F, GeO2-doped silica glass cut from fiber preforms prepared by plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition(PCVD) were investigated
by ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy. The ultraviolet absorption characteristics of these glasses were also studied after
UV laser irradiation and heating treatment. It was found that absorption band near 240 nm assigned to GODC was found both
in GeO2-doped and F-GeO2 co-doped silica glass, but absorption intensity of the latter was lower than that of the former. It’s because F can react
with GODC and GeE’ simultaneously and reduce their concentration. After irradiation, UV absorption change of F-GeO2 co-doped silica glass was weaker than that of GeO2-doped silica glass,it thus can be concluded that introduction of F could depress the UV absorption of GeO2-doped silica core effectively.

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