Biographiearbeit in der stationären Langzeitpflege von Menschen mit Demenz

ArticleinZeitschrift für Gerontologie + Geriatrie 44(1):13-18 · February 2011with76 Reads
Impact Factor: 0.81 · DOI: 10.1007/s00391-010-0155-0


    In nursing care for people with dementia, biographical work is a popular concept. In the literature and practice, many different viewpoints of the way biographical work can/should be promoted exist. In the DEMIAN concept, a nursing concept to promote emotional well-being for people with dementia, it is also of major significance. This article gives an overview of the importance of biographical work in caring for people with dementia. In particular, the role and arrangement of biographical work in the DEMIAN concept are described. Within the anamnesis of the DEMIAN concept, meaningful themes are identified in conversations with different participants (person with dementia, reference persons, and care workers) and through observations. From these findings, specific interventions, aimed at supporting emotional well-being of people with dementia, are derived and integrated into everyday nursing care to promote emotional well-being. The potential of the DEMIAN nursing concept are discussed and further possibilities are highlighted.