Road Map towards an integrated energy management system in Italy

Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze Fisiche e Naturali (Impact Factor: 0.75). 03/2011; 22(1):55-64. DOI: 10.1007/s12210-010-0110-4


Directive 28/2009/CE illustrates the European Road Map for energy to fight climate change and promote renewable energy. Such a directive contains a well-defined normative frame imposing final targets at 2020 and designing an indicative trajectory towards the achievement of obligatory targets for EU Member States. Each European Member State can find in the directive the rules for managing and transposing the targets into national laws. Reaching the indicated targets might be extremely complex and expensive if the Member State does not use an Integrated Energy Management System. In this article, we present a detailed Energy Road Map for Italy taking in account both energy saving and development of renewables. Different strategic options are discussed to identify realistic targets capable to meet at 2020 the constraints which bind Italy to produce 17% renewable energy for final gross consumption, with 10% of renewable energy for transportation, following a well-defined trajectory that starts from the quote of 5.2% in 2005. Our Road Map is then compared with the National Action Plan to highlight the problems, inherent to the Plan's objectives, which are likely to lead Italy to a deficit of about 4 MTEP (million tonnes of oil equivalent) of renewable energy that should thus be imported.

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