Design, fabrication and characterization of piezoelectric micro-cantilever operated in liquid environment for ultrasound energy source applications

ArticleinMicrosystem Technologies 17(8):1319-1327 · August 2011with8 Reads
Impact Factor: 0.88 · DOI: 10.1007/s00542-011-1292-0


    This paper presents a resonant-driving piezoelectric micro-cantilever for application to the ultrasound source, which can
    provide sufficient ultrasound energy in liquid environment by actuating maximally at the cantilever’s resonant frequency.
    The compact-sized micro-cantilevers were firstly designed to be operated in deionized water solution in this paper with consideration
    of its further application to intravascular catheter-delivered transducer-tipped ultrasound thrombolysis devices as the ultrasound
    energy source. The micro-cantilever models, which have the target resonant frequencies of ~40kHz in DI water, were designed
    on the basis of numerical calculations, finite element method analysis and pre-experiment results based on the measured resonant
    frequencies in air, and fully fabricated by micromachining technologies. The resonant frequencies in DI water for each cantilever
    model were measured to be 10.94, 23.14, 33.1, and 44.02kHz which are matched excellently with the targeted frequencies of
    10, 20, 30 and 40kHz, respectively. In addition, we could experimentally observe that red blood cells aggregated locally
    in 5% diluted blood solution were rapidly disaggregated within a few seconds by sufficient ultrasound energy generated by
    resonant-actuations of the proposed micro-cantilever.