Electroencephalogram and event-related potentials in the selective attention paradigm as related to the levels of some metabolites in the prefrontal cortex

Human Physiology 11/2010; 36(6):638-644. DOI: 10.1134/S0362119710060034


The results of preliminary analysis at the first stage of the study have demonstrated significant relationships between electrophysiological
parameters and the levels of a number of metabolites (measured by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy) in the dorsolateral
prefrontal cortex of the left cerebral hemisphere. The observed relationships are assumed to be mediated by individual-specific
characteristics of activation of this cerebral region and its contribution to information processing. The neurophysiological
markers of the weakened functional state of the brain are associated with decreased levels of N-acetyl aspartate and choline-containing
compounds and an increased level of creatin/phosphocreatin in the tested area of the left prefrontal cortex.

KeywordsEEG-auditory event-related potentials-oddball paradigm-magnetic resonance spectroscopy-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

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