β-decay properties of 72Ni and 72Cu

Physical Review C (Impact Factor: 3.73). 05/2006; 74(5):054309.


The β-decay properties of 72Ni and 72Cu have been studied at the LISOL facility of Louvain-La-Neuve and
at the CERN-ISOLDE facility, respectively. These neutron-rich nuclei have been produced in the proton-induced fission of 238U. Their decay schemes are presented and the lifetime T1/2 = 6.63(3) s of 72Cu was measured. No β-decaying isomeric state was found in 72Cu, in line with a suggested spin (2) for its ground state. Spin and parity assignments of the observed excited states in the odd-odd nucleus 72Cu are proposed and discussed in terms of coupling between the valence proton and neutrons. Comparison is made with a schematic shell-model picture of 72Cu and with large-scale shell-model calculations performed in the (2p3/21f5/22p1/21g9/2) shell space outside the doubly magic 56Ni core.

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