Mise en évidence des cellules inflammatoires dans le sperme

Andrologie 12/1995; 5(4):548-554. DOI: 10.1007/BF03034541


A high level of round cells in semen decreases the fertility capacity. These cells can be either immature germinal cells from testicular disorders characterized by teratospermia, or polymorphonuclear cells if they are peroxidase positive. However it often happens that neither teratospermia nor peroxidase reaction can explain the high proportion of round cells. For these semen we have used the nonspecific esterase staining to search for macrophages, plasma-cells and lymphocytes. These three types of cells were detected in certain non-leucospermic semen which reflects a chronic infection in development. Also these cells, macrophages, plasma-cells and lymphocytes were found in some leucospermic semen samples. If we considere the populations leucospermic and non leucospermic together, macrophages are correlated — with plasma-cells (r=0,65 — p=0,01) and with lymphocytes (r=0,56 — p=0,05). The correlation between plasma-cells and lymphocytes was more important (r=0,91 — p=0,001).

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