Photodegradation of Some Dyes Over Ce/FSM-16 Catalyst Under Solar Light

ArticleinCatalysis Letters 119(3):245-251 · November 2007with2 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.31 · DOI: 10.1007/s10562-007-9224-4


    Ce doped FSM-16 (Ce/FSM-16) was synthesized by templating method and its photoactivity for the degradation of methyl violet,
    safranine T, fuchsin basic and methylthionine chloride under solar light was studied for the first time. Ce/FSM-16 had very
    high surface area (863m2g−1) and pore volume (0.73cm3g−1). Doping cerium ions appears important in bringing about sunlight photocatalytic activity. The photoactivity of Ce/FSM-16
    is comparable with that of Degussa P25 under solar light. By contrast, undoped FSM-16 exhibited very strong adsorption capacity
    for these dyes, but did not exhibit significant photoactivity for them. The degradation of dyes catalyzed by Ce/FSM-16 under
    solar light followed a radical-type mechanism.