Coherent convergent beam electron diffraction for analysis of lattice fitting in PbTe/MgO bi-crystals

ArticleinInterface Science 4(3):181-189 · August 1997with1 Read
DOI: 10.1007/BF00240240


    Coherent convergent beam electron diffraction is for the first time applied to the analysis of lattice fitting between vacuum-deposited PbTe and MgO thin crystals in the plan-view mode. The possibility of determination of the rigid-body shift is discussed on the basis of simulated diffraction patterns from the bi-crystals as well as the preliminary experimental results obtained by a 200 kV transmission electron microscope with a field emission electron gun. In the analysis, the importance of the position of interference fringes at overlaps of PbTe 200 and MgO 200 diffraction disks and that of the corresponding mirror symmetry in the whole pattern are emphasized in order to determine the rigid-body shift and the probe-position.