Microfabrication of massive parallel micromirror-lenses by X-ray LIGA technique: Recent advances and prospects

ArticleinMicrosystem Technologies 10(1):22-28 · November 2003with1 Read
Impact Factor: 0.88 · DOI: 10.1007/s00542-002-0225-3


    Modern microfabrication techniques enable to obtain novel 2D lens systems which are the marriage of warped microchannel plates and Fresnel lenses. They rely on a multitude of precisely inclined micromirrors, acting together as very efficient macroscopic lenses for all electromagnetic wavelengths from the infrared, up to X-rays and even for particles like neutrons. Especially interesting is the fabrication of some-cm apertured lenses in the VUV and EUV region. X-ray LIGA is a favorite candidate for the fabrication of such lenses due to its inherent technological precision and capability to produce high aspect ratio structures. Theoretical consideration and limits for the design of such lens systems are presented, together with first investigations concerning surface-smoothing by spin-on glass in order to make such lens systems to work in the X-ray region.