Evaluation of potential activity of fungi isolated from bagasse for gluconic acid production

ArticleinFrontiers in Bioscience · March 2012with4 Reads
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    The prime importance of any viable and successful industrial fermentation process is economics, and to greatest extent depends on selection of material, strain and strategies for fermentation process. The present attempt was to increase gluconic acid production using glucose as sole carbon source with minimum residence time by using isolated strain of A. niger from bagasse. In this experiment, batch fermentation was employed in 50L semiautomatic PLC stirred tank fermenter, equipped with controller for optimum growth conditions. The high promising gluconic acid (GA) production (85.20 gL-1) was observed with nearly greater than 100% yield over 36 hours. This process provides significant advantages over traditional submerged fermentation strategies, as showed 100% conversion of glucose to GA, made fewer difficulties during product recovery. To reduce analysis time with better accuracy, an effort has been made to use a method for evaluation of parameters like conversion of substrate and production of GA during the fermentation by using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) through the quantitative analysis of GA and glucose from microbial fermentation by A. niger.