Evaluation of Bone Fragility and Fracture Prevention

Chapter · December 2010with1 Read
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-60327-467-8_16
In book: Fractures in the Elderly, pp.309-328


    Patients with osteoporotic fractures are much more likely to sustain ­additional fractures; therefore both appropriate treatment
    and prevention of future fractures (which takes into account the method of injury) need to be addressed. These patients are
    also much more likely to have underlying secondary causes for bone loss that need to be diagnosed and treated, as well as
    other multiple risk ­factors that should be uncovered and modified if possible. Finally, clinical pathways that unite orthopedic
    surgeons and medical specialists in osteoporosis care are necessary to target patients with osteoporotic fractures for evaluation
    and treatment.

    KeywordsOsteoporosis-Risk factor assessment-Bone mineral density-Fragility fracture-Calcium-Vitamin D-Bisphosphonates-Prevention