Electrical Approach of Homogenous High Pressure Ne/Xe/HCl Dielectric Barrier Discharge for XeCl (308 nm) Lamp

Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing (Impact Factor: 2.06). 10/2011; 31(5):787-798. DOI: 10.1007/s11090-011-9305-4
This paper reports the investigation of the excimer UV emission efficiency in Ne/Xe/HCl mixture in terms of the homogenous
model of a dielectric barrier discharge. The computer model developed is based on the Ne/Xe/HCl gas mixture chemistry, the
circuit and the Boltzmann equations. The effects of operating voltage, HCl concentration in the mixture as well as gas pressure
on the discharge efficiency and the 172, and 308nm photon generation, under typical experimental operating conditions, have
been investigated and discussed. Calculations suggest that the overall conversion efficiency from electrical energy to VUV
emission in the lamp is greater than 27%, and it will be very affected at high voltage amplitude and high gas pressure with
a significant dependence on the HCl concentration in the gas mixture.

KeywordsModeling–DBDs–Excimer lamp–Ne/Xe/HCl mixtures–Kinetic scheme–Efficiency


Available from: Ahmed Belasri, Jan 30, 2015