Determination of Toosendanin Extracted from Traditional Chinese Medicine: the Fruit of Melia azedarach LC–FD Detection

ArticleinChromatographia 70(3):609-611 · August 2009with2 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.41 · DOI: 10.1365/s10337-009-1170-4


    A rapid and selective reversed-phase liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection was developed and validated for the
    determination of toosendanin in the fruit of Melia azedarach. After extraction, the extracts were analysed at 25°C using Eclipse XDB-C18 column (4.6mm×150mm; 5μm) and a mobile
    phase consisting of methanol–water at a flow rate of 1.0mLmin−1. Detection wavelength was set at λEx=230nm, λEm=320nm. The linearity, accuracy, and precision of the method were good, and the method can be successfully used to investigate
    the level of toosendanin component in herb samples with satisfactory results.