Digital sundials, paradoxical sets, and vitushkin’s conjecture

The Mathematical Intelligencer (Impact Factor: 0.3). 02/1987; 9(1):24-27. DOI: 10.1007/BF03023569


In recent years, life has become 'digitalized'. Familiar clock and watch faces are being replaced by digital readouts; digital displays are ousting the dials on weighing machines and voltmeters and the scales on thermometers. This article is concerned with the ultimate in digitalization-- we show how one of the most ancient of measuring devices, the sundial, may be replaced by a digital counterpart. An early reference is contained in Isaiah XXXVIII v8 where a sundial records a 10 ~ reversal of the earth's rotation as a prophetic sign. Many fine and varied examples of traditional sundials may be seen in the courts of medieval castles and houses or of ancient

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