On problem of transient coupled thermoelasticity of an annular fin

Math. Dept., Faculty of Science, Taif University, Taif, Saudi Arabia
Meccanica (Impact Factor: 1.95). 06/2012; 47(5):1295-1306. DOI: 10.1007/s11012-011-9513-2


In this paper, the radial deformation and the corresponding stresses in a homogeneous annular fin for an isotropic material
has been investigated. Anumerical technique is proposed to obtain the solution of the transient coupled thermoelasticity
in an annular fin cylinder with it’s base suddenly subject to a heat flux of a decayed exponential function of time. The system
of fundamental equations is solved by using an implicit finite-difference method. The present method is a second-order accurate
in time and space and unconditionally stable. Anumerical method is used to calculate the temperature, displacement and the
components of stresses with time t and through the radial of the annular fin cylinder. The results indicate that the effect of coupled thermoelasticity on temperature,
stresses and displacement is very pronounced. Comparison is made with the results predicted by the theory of thermoelasticity
in the absence of coupled thermoelasticity.

KeywordsCoupled problem thermoelasticity–Implicit finite difference method–Stresses–Annular fin problem

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