Analysis of variability in partial sequences of genomes of Tobacco yellow dwarf virus isolates

ArticleinAustralasian Plant Pathology 33(3):367-370 · September 2004with4 Reads
Impact Factor: 0.95 · DOI: 10.1071/AP04023


    The movement protein coding region of six isolates of Tobacco yellow dwarf virus (TYDV), collected over a 30 year period from various regions throughout Australia, was analysed using PCR and DNA sequencing.
    Four isolates of Bean summer death virus, considered a synonym of TYDV, were also analysed. Phylogenetic analysis showed that
    all 10 isolates were greater than 95% homologous to the published TYDV sequence (GenBank accession number M81103). The weed
    Raphanus raphanistrum was identified as an alternative host of TYDV for the first time.

    Additional keywordsBean summer death virus–detection, geminivirus–mastrevirus–TYDV