Auxiliary qubit selection: A physical synthesis technique for quantum circuits

Article (PDF Available)inQuantum Information Processing 10(2):139-154 · April 2011with39 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/s11128-010-0183-0
Quantum circuit design flow consists of two main tasks: synthesis and physical design. Addressing the limitations imposed on optimization of the quantum circuit objectives because of no information sharing between synthesis and physical design processes, we introduced the concept of “physical synthesis” for quantum circuit flow and proposed a technique for it. Following that concept, in this paper we propose a new technique for physical synthesis using auxiliary qubit selection to improve the latency of quantum circuits. Moreover, it will be shown that the auxiliary qubit selection technique can be seamlessly integrated into the previously introduced physical synthesis flow. Our experimental results show that the proposed technique decreases the average latency objective of quantum circuits by about 11% for the attempted benchmarks. KeywordsQuantum computing–Physical design–Physical synthesis–Auxiliary qubit selection