Zinc Phthalocyanine With PEG-400 as A Recyclable Catalytic System for Selective Reduction of Aromatic Nitro Compounds

Green Chemistry (Impact Factor: 8.02). 12/2012; 14(8). DOI: 10.1039/C2GC35452G


Zinc phthalocyanine with PEG-400 was established as a green catalytic system for chemo and regioselective reduction of aromatic nitro compounds to corresponding amines. A large range of reducible functional groups such as acid, amide, ester, halogen, lactone, nitrile, N-benzyl, O-benzyl, hydroxy and heterocycles were well tolerated. Direct synthe-sis of benzotriazole form o-dinitrobenzene was achieved for the first time. The present catalytic system was successfully employed for reduction of carbonyl and ester com-pounds to corresponding alcohols and reductive amination of benzaldehydes with prima-ry amines to form corresponding secondary amines. Remarkable advantages of present catalytic method includes low loading of metal, avoidance of toxic ligand and high iso-lated yields. Catalyst was recyclable up to four times without any loss of selectivity and activity.


Available from: Upendra Sharma
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