RFID Data Cleaning for Shop Floor Applications

Chapter · December 2009with5 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-03462-6_7
In book: Unique Radio Innovation for the 21st Century, pp.143-160


    In several case studies we found that shop-floor
    applications in manufacturing pose special challenges to cleaning RFID data. The underlying problem in many scenarios is
    the uncertainty about the exact location of observed RFID tags. Simple filter

    s provided in common middleware solutions do not cope well with these challenges. Therefore we have developed an approach
    based on maximum-likelihood estimation
    to infer a tag's location within the reader range. This enables improved RFID data cleaning
    in a number of application scenarios. We stress the benefits of our approach along exemplary application scenarios that we
    found in manufacturing. In simulations
    and experiments with real world data we show that our approach outperforms existing solutions. Our approach can extend RFID
    middleware or reader firmware, to improve the use of RFID in a range of shop-floor applications.