The spatial specificities of SC and ST population in Kolkata city:approaches, techniques and analysis

Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts 06/2012; 4:53-59. DOI: 10.5445/KSP/1000028492


The paper aims at achieving two objectives, firstly, to acquaint the researchers in the field of spatial demography with the techniques of residential segregation; pattern of population distribution based on the concept of spatial statistics and secondly, the practical evaluation of the techniques through real life data. The study queries about any residential segregation and pattern of location of the scheduled caste (SC) and the scheduled tribe (ST) population in Kolkata city by concentrating on the measures of Entropy Index (EI), Atkinson’s Index, Absolute Centralization Index (ACE) and the Global and Local Spatial Autocorrelation (SA) measures of Moran’s I and LISA. The outcome of the study clarifies the fact that caste and race based segregation is being diluted in the wake of Indian urbanization and the spatial clustering tendency of the Concerned Social Group (CSG) is as mild.

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