IPHITS: An Incremental Latent Topic Model for Link Structure

Chapter · September 2009with4 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-04769-5_21 · Source: DBLP
In book: Information Retrieval Technology, pp.242-253


    The structure of linked documents is dynamic and keeps on changing. Even though different methods have been proposed to exploit
    the link structure in identifying hubs and authorities in a set of linked documents, no existing approach can effectively
    deal with its changing situation. This paper explores changes in linked documents and proposes an incremental link probabilistic
    framework, which we call IPHITS. The model deals with online document streams in a faster, scalable way and uses a novel link
    updating technique that can cope with dynamic changes. Experimental results on two different sources of online information
    demonstrate the time saving strength of our method. Besides, we make analysis of the stable rankings under small perturbations
    to the linkage patterns.