A System to convert Gravitational Energy directly into Electrical Energy

Physical Review Letters (Impact Factor: 7.51). 05/2012; 5050.


We show that it is possible to produce strong gravitational accelerations on the free electrons of a conductor in order to obtain electrical current. This allows the conversion of gravitational energy directly into electrical energy. Here, we propose a system that can produce several tens of kilowatts of electrical energy converted from the gravitational energy.

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    ABSTRACT: In this work we show a gravitational separator of isotopes which can be much more effective than those used in the conventional processes of isotopes separation. It is based on intensification of the gravitational acceleration, and can generate accelerations tens of times more intense than those generated in the most powerful centrifuges used for Uranium enrichment.
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    ABSTRACT: The possible obtention of invisibility by means of a gravitational method is shown in this work. This method is based on a gravity control process patented on 2008 (BR Patent Number: PI0805046-5). It goes far beyond the known methods of invisibility and camouflage, which use the principles of light refraction to allow light to pass right through an object (metamaterials).
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