Endovascular Repair of an Infected Ruptured Isolated Iliac Artery Aneurysm Combined With Congenital Lymphedema: Report of a Case

Surgical Innovation (Impact Factor: 1.46). 05/2012; 20(6). DOI: 10.1177/1553350612438415
Source: PubMed


Purpose. A novel technique using the reversed iliac leg of a Zenith device has been reported. This study reports a complicated isolated iliac artery aneurysm (IIAA) using this novel technique and reviews the relative literature to discuss current treatment modalities. Case report. A 46-year-old man presented with a mass in the left lower quadrant accompanied by abdominal pain for 60 days. Computer tomography angiography (CTA) revealed a complicated IIAA and a massive retroperitoneal hematoma. Percutaneous puncture and drainage at the hematoma was done. Enterococcus faecium was isolated from the hematoma. The infection was controlled after 2 weeks of drainage and anti-infection treatment. The IIAAs were successfully excluded using the novel technique. The 12-month CTA follow-up was unremarkable. Conclusion. Using inverted Zenith device legs is safe and effective even in complicated IIAAs. Further studies are warranted before it can become a widely acceptable definitive treatment option.

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