Real-Time Algorithms of Object Detection Using Classifiers

In book: Real-Time Systems, Architecture, Scheduling, and Application
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    ABSTRACT: This thesis aims to improve existing scanning-window object detectors by exploiting information shared among neighboring image windows. This goal is realized by two novel methods which are build on the ideas of Wald's Sequential Probability Ratio Test and WaldBoost. Early non-Maxima Suppression moves non-maxima suppression decisions from a post-processing step to an early classification phase in order to make the decisions as soon as possible and thus avoid normally wasted computations. Neighborhood suppression enhances existing detectors with an ability to suppress evaluation at overlapping positions. The proposed methods are applicable to a wide range of detectors. Experiments show that both methods provide significantly better speed-precision trade-off compared to state-of-the-art WaldBoost detectors which process image windows independently. Additionally, the thesis presents results of extensive experiments which evaluate commonly used image features in several detection tasks and scenarios
    Full-text · Thesis · Dec 2014