Sistem Manajemen Rekrutmen Berbasis Web Menggunakan Algoritma Bipartite Matching

Thesis · October 2011with203 Reads

Thesis for: Bachelor, Advisor: Humdiana dan Christine Sanjaya
Benita Clarissa/55070212/2011/Development of Web Based Recruitment Management System Using Bipartite Matching Algorithm/Advisor: Humdiana, S.Kom., M.Kom. and Christine Sanjaya, S.Kom, M.TI. Information and communication technologies are used in various fields including in the recruitment process. Difficulties encountered in the field of recruitment are the job seeker must be able to find a suitable job and the employer must hire new employees at a suitable position. In addition, before job applicants are recruited, there is usually a process of selection. Most of job applicants prepare for this test by practicing answering questions from the books so the test problems limited to the matter contained in the book. Web-based recruitment management system was developed using the CodeIgniter framework with PHP and javascript. The database system uses MySQL. The matching between job seekers and jobs can be represented by bipartite graph and solved by stable matching algorithm. Data collection was conducted by comparing similar systems and search through the internet. Web-based system is designed using object-oriented modeling that is described by use case diagrams, class diagrams and sequence diagrams. The results of this research is a web-based recruitment management system that provides services to employers and job seekers. Employers can publish job openings and recruit suitable job applicants with job requirements. Job seekers can get a suitable job vacancy information and apply for the job. In addition, job seekers can join the on-line simulation tests and saw articles about tips and tricks on applying for jobs. Web-based recruitment management system lets job seekers apply for jobs that match more easily and facilitate employers recruit new employees at a suitable position. Keyword: system, management, recruitment, web, algorithm, graph, bipartite, job matching, stable matching