Accessory roots and root canals in maxillary premolar teeth: a review of a critical endodontic challenge.

ENDO - Endodontic Practice Today 01/2012; 1:7-18.


Adequate knowledge of both external and internal radicular anatomy is a fundamental prerequisite for successful endodontic therapy. Maxillary premolar teeth present an endodontic challenge due to their increased prevalence for root and root canal aberrations. This review aims to discuss the occurrence of accessory roots and root canals in maxillary premolar teeth and its relation to different ethnic groups. A new classification is proposed to include all their accessory root and root canal configurations. In addition, the endodontic considerations, including their identification and management, are discussed.

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  • Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed added an answer in Dentistry:
    Book recommendations on tooth roots morphology?
    Could you recommend any books or articles on the morphology of the roots of teeth? It is an important topic regarding periodontology and I do not seem to be able to find much. Thank you.
    Hany Mohamed Aly Ahmed
    Hi Blake,

    Quite interesting to me to find a Periodontist interested in root morphology. I recommend you a book by O. Carlsen named "tooth morphology". This book is great, though not famous as others. Carlsen has other valid contribution in the external morphological features of roots in human dentition. Indeed, I usually cite his work in my related publications.
    - If you are interested, please refer to:

    HMA Ahmed.

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