Space-Frequency OFDM System with Null-Steering Beamformer

Conference Paper · July 2006with3 Reads
DOI: 10.1109/ITST.2006.288908 · Source: IEEE Xplore
Conference: ITS Telecommunications Proceedings, 2006 6th International Conference on


    The system employing space-frequency OFDM (SF-OFDM) transmitter diversity suffers enhanced co-channel interference (CCI) due to the use of multiple transmitters at each mobile. A beamforming for the cancellation of CCI in SF-OFDM system is proposed. The performance of the beamformer based on null-steering has been investigated. Simulation results show that the proposed method has a good CCI cancellation ability. Meanwhile, the system performance can be enhanced by using the time delays of the signals from different direction of arrivals (DOAs)