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Systematic odometry errors compensation for mobile robot positioning

Univ. of Pitesti, Romania
DOI: 10.1109/CADSM.2003.1255162 Conference: CADSM 2003. The Experience of Designing and Application of CAD Systems in Microelectronics. Proceedings of the VIIth International Conference
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This paper presents some aspects about measurement and compensation of the systematic odometry errors for differential drive platforms. The experimental results obtained by running two different UMBmark tests show that systematic calibration can reduce systematic odometry errors more than 10 times.

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    • "In the process of positioning, the error will be accumulated with continuous rotation of the odometer wheel [10] [11]. If the result contains a large error in positioning, the volume and time of the excavation of pipeline maintenance will be "
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    ABSTRACT: High positioning accuracy with odometer wheel is of great importance for internal pipeline defect detection. In current research, the qualitative analysis is focused on and the accumulation characteristics of positioning errors are not shown. Based on this, the models and the accumulation characteristics of positioning errors are investigated in this paper. The errors are classified into systematic errors and random errors. Systematic errors consist of difference between actual and nominal diameters, diameter difference among wheels, and terminal error. Random errors consist of initial point error, weld error, and oversized clearance. The mathematical models of the errors are obtained by the methods of quantitative analysis and contrastive analysis. Through calculation examples, the results show the relationship of the errors and the effect of each error on total error. Diameter calibration and detection in sections are proposed to improve the positioning accuracy.
    Preview · Article · Feb 2014 · Advances in Mechanical Engineering
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    ABSTRACT: Precise localization of mobile robots in uncertain environments is a fundamental and crucial issue in robotics. In this paper, to deal with the unbounded accumulated errors of dead reckoning (DR)-based localization, wireless sensor network (WSN)-based localization is applied to calibrate the uncertainty of odometry using a Kalman filter (KF). In addition, to further aid in obtaining precise positions and reduce uncertainty, a novel backward dead reckoning (BDR) localization approach is proposed. The experimental results demonstrate the success and reliability of the proposed method.
    Full-text · Article · Mar 2013 · International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems