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Modeling Ultra-Fast Ionization Dynamics and Electron Transport with Montecarlo Carlo Collisional PIC Simulations

DOI: 10.1109/PLASMA.2006.1707243 Conference: Plasma Science, 2006. ICOPS 2006. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. The 33rd IEEE International Conference on
Source: IEEE Xplore


Summary form only given. We present recent progress in our efforts to model electron transport and ionization dynamics in thin solid targets that are irradiated by ultra-short intense laser pulses, i.e. with intensities I>1018 W/cm2 and pulse durations below 1 ps. Using numerically advanced multi-dimensional particle-in-cell models that include field- and electron impact ionization, as well as binary collisions between charged particles, we study the energy transfer and partition between fast and thermal electrons; propagation of an electron beam-driven ionization front; ultra-fast isochoric heating and the generation of shock waves in solid targets

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