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Smart file system: embedded file system based on NAND-flash

Coll. of Comput. Sci., Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou
DOI: 10.1109/IWNAS.2006.42 Conference: Networking, Architecture, and Storages, 2006. IWNAS '06. International Workshop on
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With the prevalence of embedded system, especially mobile system, flash-memory storage which has high capacity and low energy consumption has become the primary external storage for embedded systems. Some file system based on flash memory have been designed and implemented such as JFFS2 and YAFFS2. But they all have some defects: long boot time, high memory consumption and so on. In this paper, SmartFS (smart file system) is presented and described. SmartFS can improve the performance of flash memory management and make good use of large capacity flash memory

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    • "So a set of mechanism is needed to realize the functions of storage management and access control of these files. The EWS provides an embedded file system which is a mini file system base on external serial flash chip and is used to store monitoring Web pages invoked by the EWS and other binary files needed by the system [9] [10]. "
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    ABSTRACT: A monitoring system based on the embedded Internet technology for embedded devices is designed and implemented. The Browser/Server mode is adopted in this monitoring system and the realization technologies of an embedded Web server, which includes a thin TCP/IP stack, an embedded file system and a device gateway, are discussed in details. The way of embedding the Web server in the device makes it possible for numerous embedded devices to be connected to the Internet. The results of system performance testing show that the system can meet most of the embedded Internet applications demands and the purposes of online access, control and management the embedded devices using a standard Web browser over the Internet can be realized.
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    ABSTRACT: Aiming at application of NAND Flash memory in embedded system, a double linked list NAND Flash files system was presented, and the storage structure was improved meanwhile. This file system stores the documents record and relevant documents data directly bound in same storage block. The file pointer of this file system adopted double linked list structure, and it can be realized that a flexible two-way data search in forward or backward with file pointer. It is a new type, reasonable and practical, suitable for embedded multimedia applications Flash file system, effectively improved the data retrieval rate, and extended the Flash using life. Keywords-NAND Flash;Files system; double linked lis;embedded system
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